Windmill Oaks is locally owned and managed.  The owners have used there 25 years of experience in the manufactured home and community industry in planning this community.  a "hands on" approach is taken in management  and day-to-day operations of the community.

Our community has high standards in the appearance and maintenance of properties and homes.  Our rules are easy to follow and insure that our community is always a pleasant and peaceful place to live.

We are served by the City of Fredericksburg's "Superior" water and sewer system and individual water meters are installed at each residence.  Management will read meters at the end of each month  and will pass on the water/sewer charges that are billed directly to Windmill Oaks by the City of Fredericksburg.  The city will provide and bill the customer directly  for garbage collection.  Electric utilities are underground and provided by the Central Texas Electric Co-op.  Time Warner offers cable television and internet services.  Verizon provides telephone land line service.  Satellite television and internet with small dish receivers are allowed as well.

Cluster mailboxes are located in several parts of the community.  Residents will be issued a key to their box.

Some of the features and benefits of living at Windmill Oaks:

  • oversized lots
  • underground utilities
  • wide paved streets
  • cable tv
  • city water and sewer
  • city police protection
  • city fire protection
  • hospital and clinic in close proximity


Phase I   is almost fully occupied.  There are still 7 lots available to place your new Oak Creek Home.

Management has started planning forPhase II which will include some or all of the remaining 55 spaces shown on the original site plan.